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Club History

Engadine Eagles History

Engadine Eagles Netball Club (EENC) was established in 1965 and emerged out of a need in the local area for a sporting club providing regular completion for girls.  In 1965, Engadine was a very different place to the town we know today.  There was no high school, only a handful of shops, but there was lots of sports, but for boys.  Engadine Eagles Soccer was thriving and boys played games at Anzac oval, dozens of sisters would mill around on the sidelines keen to play sport themselves.  It was out of this atmosphere that Engadine Eagles Netball Club was conceived. 

Engadine Eagles played its first season in 1966 in the SSNA tournament with 2 junior teams (under 12’s and under 13’s). The only pieces of equipment owned by the club, in the first season, were two tan leather balls. 

The original uniform consisted of a sky blue dress or tunic, with three box pleats a white buttoned shirt with collar, white socks that went to the knee and a red cord belt.  Whilst the current playing strip is a far cry from the original 1965 uniform, it still retains the same sky blue and white colour palette making it distinctively recognisable as that of Engadine Eagles.

In 2015 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary, a commemorative history was collated, which highlighted the many individuals over the past 50yrs to make the Engadine Eagles the successful and viable club that it is today.  

Life Members

Heather Byrnes Memorial Award is the clubs most prestigious award named in honour of a valuable and much loved Engadine Eagles Committee Member and former President.

Life Membership of any club is an honour not bestowed lightly.  Few people probably realise the extent of dedication and commitment that is required to attain this status.  

The Club currently has 19 Life Members

YearLife Members
2018Carolyn Riordan
2017Matt Richards
2015Brenda Rogers
2013Rowena Yule
2010Kevin Humphreys
1998Sandy Wilson
1998Cheryl Poulton
1996Leanne Waddell
1996Gai Wilson
1992Annette Collier
1992Margaret Wisby
1991Beryl Eagles
1990Joan Miles
1986Wendy Hurley
1985Pat Corr
1982Donna Morrison
1979Heather Byrnes  (Deceased)
1971Joan Miles
1971Val Bedford
Engadine Eagles Netball Club
SSNA Foundation Club!

The Engadine Eagles club was one of the first ten clubs to join the SSNA.

Whilst there are currently 24 clubs in the competition, the biggest in NSW, there are 30 other netball clubs which were once affiliated but no longer exist, reminding us that our clubs are a reflection of their members and community. 

They are only as strong as their volunteers, and can only last as long as parents, committees and community members are willing to keep the wheels turning.