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About Us

Engadine Eagles Netball Club
SSNA Foundation Club!

The Engadine Eagles club was one of the first ten clubs to join the SSNA.

Whilst there are currently 24 clubs in the competition, the biggest in NSW, there are 30 other netball clubs which were once affiliated but no longer exist, reminding us that our clubs are a reflection of their members and community. 

They are only as strong as their volunteers, and can only last as long as parents, committees and community members are willing to keep the wheels turning.

Players Registered
2021 Commitee Members
Rowena Yule
President/SSNA Del
Pip Breese
Secretary/SSNA Alt Del
Coaching Coordinator
Asst. Coaching Coordinator/SSNA Alt Del
Nellie Breese
Umpires Convener
Nicole Shacher
Net Registrar (Net-9yrs)
Suzanne Spencer
Junior Registrar (10-16)/SSNA Del
Melissa Moorecroft
Senior Registrar (18+Senior)
Susan Reid
Property Officer
Publicity/Social Media Officer
Kelly Gunnell
Uniform Officer
Nicole Shacher
Member Protection Officer (MPIO)
Sarah Parratt
General Committee
Letitia Dawson
General Committee
Elisa Delany
General Committee